Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New restaurant in Old Louisville

After waiting way too long for a new restaurant to open down at the corner. …close enough to our inn so our guests can easily pop in at the last minute if they so desire, we are finally going to see it happen. I am delighted that Chef Maria Bell of Chef Maria’s Greek Deli will be opening “Chef Maria’s Bistro” very soon.

Greek salad
Her typical fare is Greek, with lots of specialty tapas, wines and Ouzo. There will be a bar, wine-tastings and an outdoor patio. Chef Bell plans to serve lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch, all of which will be perfect for guests staying over night or for a few days at our inn. We are only four houses away from where the restaurant will be situated at the northwest corner of First and Oak. We are very excited to have this fine chef come to our neighborhood (images courtesy of Maria Bell's Greek Deli)



Olives and Feta cheese

Lamb stew

Avgolemono soup
It’s just what we needed.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Louisville's Amazing Restaurants

Wild  Rita's Restaurant

 I think recently opened Wild Rita’s Restaurant is going to become one of my very favorite  haunts. It has joined the list of Louisville’s hundreds of amazing eating establishments, the  owners and chefs of which are not playing around. When they say they’ve got the best in town, and maybe in the country, they mean it! That includes culinary skills as well as food.

I love Mexican food and I love creative, fresh, flavorful dishes. In fact, I guess you could call me a food snob, meaning that what I choose to put in my mouth has to be all those things and more and nothing less. No fast food, no frozen entrees, and nothing out of a can..

Today, on-line, I perused the many food and drink choices offered by Wild Rita’s. It nearly blew my mind. I wanted to run right down there and feed my soul with amazing Mexican food, washed down with one or two of their very unique cocktails. I’m dying to try the marinated pork tacos and a Black Widow, made with blackberries, tequila, basil, agave, and lime juice .

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