Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to make fabulous scones from a mix

I didn't even know there was such a thing. I'd seen mixes for just about every other kind of baked goods; but never had I ever seen a mix for scones. That is , until I met the Victorian scone lady. She called me one day, when she was in town for a trade show. She had brought some samples of her mixes, which she intended to drop off at the local bed and breakfasts.

She stopped by later and left a small bag, which sat on the shelf next to the nuts and raisins for weeks. Then, one day a guest ask if I would make some scones for breakfast. I decided to use the dried cherries in the cupboard. When I opened it, out fell the bag of scone mix, right into my mixing bowl.. This had to be a "sign" , I thought.

The bag made 6 scones and had a recipe for mixing & baking, and directions for freezing. "You freeze the cut out dough, not the finished scone". I read the directions, mixed in some dried cherries and baked the scones, all six of them. When they were done, I slathered some lemon curd on one of them and popped it in my mouth. It was absolutely the best scone I'd ever tasted! Not dry, not tasteless, not doughy, but fabulous. "Scone mixes from Victorian House Scones taste like home made...[all you do is ]add butter and buttermilk to the mix, and bake".

I had made hundreds of scones from scratch, but never tasted any better than Victorian House Scones. After trying the first one, I went right to the phone and ordered several big bags of their mix. To find out how good they are for yourself, click on the link above and see what they have to offer.

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  1. Great story. . (and now I know what happens to the bags I offer up as samples to B&B owners) If only I could rig them ALL to fall into a bowl at the perfect moment (after all, look what the apple did for Newton!).

    Thank you Nancy for a great story, well written, well told.

  2. I will have to try these mixes. We serve as much organic as possible here at Chez Sven. I found organic scone mixes through King Arthur's Flour. KAF has a great scone pan. Like you, I am also a writer. Have written a blog on innkeeping for three years now. Would love to hear from you!

  3. Alexandra,
    Thanks for the comment. So nice to hear from another Innkeeper. I visited your site and blog. Both are very nice. Tried to leave a comment, but the comment system wansn't working at the time. I'll go back later and add a comment. Looking forward to other food ideas from you. What's your speciality

  4. Debbie, Thanks nfor the comment. Glad you liked the post. I've got a crowd this week-end and plan on making cherry scones with you mix. My new assistant wants to learn how to make them. She's never made scones before. She has no idea how much easier using your mixes is.

  5. Awesome information on how to make fabulous scones from a mix. Highly detailed and pretty great advices. Thanks