Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Louisville International Film Festival: October 1-4, 2009

The first Louisville International Film Festival is due to open in Louisville this year on October 1st. With 200 entries already secured, it will run until October 4th and feature thirty five films of all lengths and styles. Competing for prizes the films, which are from all over the world, will be screened at several local venues including the Kennedy Center and the Mohammad Ali Center in Downtown Louisville.

Most of the films will have fairly large budgets and bring in some well-known directors and stars. Of eight non-competing films at the festival, one of them: "The Burning Plain", stars Charlize Theron, Jenifer Lawrence and Kim Basinger. Guillermo Arriaga, who wrote the screenplays for "21Grams" and "Babel" is the director. Two of the film's stars, Theron and Lawrence, will attend the festival. (pictured is Charlize Theron)

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