Monday, September 14, 2009

Fruit Cobbler idea from the Scone Lady

The Scone Lady has become a trusted supplier of scone and cookie mix for me. I happened to try out a sample she left a year or so ago, and it was so fabulous that I began using her mixes. She frequently sends me updates on her products, new and old, and I order from her what I think my guests would like. I just received this email from her this morning with a great idea for cobbler. It's almost fall and so cobbler is a delicious addition to our fall morning breakfast. I am definitely going to try this! You can contact the Scone lady here.

Fruit Cobblers

Funny how we all have our preferred fruit desserts. For me, apple crisp is usually fall dessert of choice--although I do occasionally change that to blueberry or peach, or apple cranberry crisp.

So, when I was asked to make a cobbler, I actually had to go look up the definition of a "cobbler". A fruit filling topped with a "biscuit-like" crust. . .hmmm. . .sounds like scones to me! Time to experiment (good thing I have a willing in-house guinea pig!)

Follow your favorite fruit cobbler recipe, but rather than make a biscuit crust, top it with scone dough. I've used Indian Chai (on peach), and Cinnamon Streusel (on blueberry-peach).

I did have to play a little with baking time--and settled on baking at 350 degrees for (at least) 25-45 minutes--until the scones are baked completely through and the filling is fork tender and thickened. Check it at 25 minutes, and continue to add time until both scones and filling are baked. The times vary significantly, depending on whether you are starting with frozen or fresh fruit, and frozen or fresh dough. This is one case where I do think it is easier to work from "fresh" scone dough, rather than frozen--but it does work either way (The Scone Lady).

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