Saturday, October 10, 2009

Halloween Fun: Spirit Ball in Old Lousiville

Old Louisville is one of the most splendid residential neighborhoods in the entire country. With tree-lined streets and imposing turn of the century mansions that can transport a visitor back in time. Viewing its seven major kinds of architecture, one can see gargoyles, chameleons, serpents and swans, turrets and towers.

In addition a variety of wrought-iron fences, hand-carved doors, stained-glass windows can be seen; as well as hidden balconies, secluded courtyards, and secret passageways made from terra-cotta, glazed brick, tile, marble and stone.

According to legend, many of Old Louisville's mansions, buildings and churches are inhabited by a variety of ghosts, mostly friendly.Locals are convinced that a young girl with black hair haunts the neighborhood to this day. Although she died 90 years ago, it is said that she still waits for her betrothed on the steps of the First Church of Christ Science, only three blocks from where I live.

And on the next street east of me, is the "phantom of Brook Street", a young girl attacked and murdered by two vagrants in the very home where she was employed. Although that home was demolished years ago, it is said her ghost comes to work daily. Other ghosts, such as the Widow Hoag and the Iceboy can be seen from time to time lurking in the shadows.

Old Louisville's third annual Spirit Ball was held in the opulent Conrad Caldwell Mansion last night, October 24th, from 8:00 pm until midnight. A one-of-a-kind masquerade ball to celebrate Halloween, the event included wonderful gourmet food and plentiful libations. Participants dressed in their best Halloween garb and enjoyed a night of dancing and spooky fun.

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  1. Look at beautifull architecture and life styles of 1800's L'ville. Nothing will give you the true taste of Luisville's amazing history.

  2. Thanks for the nice comments. Sounds as though you've been here before.