Monday, February 15, 2010

It's snowing again

I cannot believe how much snow we are getting this year. It's more than any of the sixteen years that I've been here. Of course, being from Chicago and before that Detroit, I'm used to a lot of snow, but I never thought Kentucky would get that much. ..maybe a little because Louiville is situated in the northern part of the state, but certainly not this much.

I must say it's beautiful. I'm sitting in the suite on the second floor and looking out of the window. All of the magnolia trees are laden with the white, fluffy stuff and the streets, walkways and cars are barely peeking from underneathe it. It's quite cold too. Around 19 degrees and evfen colder, with the wind chill.

Fortunately, the snow hasn't kept visitors from coming to the bed and breakfast. I have three business people from London, England here who checked in last night. They flew into Chicago and what should take around a five hour drive took them ten hours. It seems they googled for directions and ended up in Detroit. They called from the road, got the right directions from Robyn and made it by ten o clock last night.

If any of you have been contemplating coming to Louisville, please don't be put off by the snow. It's beautiful and you'll love it. The city has been on alert and the streets and highways have been cleaned off. It isn't icy, just white and powdery. All the shops and restaurants are open and our bed and breakfast is ready for you, with comfy beds and wonderful gourmet breakfasts. Y'all come.

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