Saturday, December 11, 2010

Easy Gingerbread House to make with kids

We all know how much most kids like making stuff in the kitchen, with or without mom. And making cookies is one of their favorite activities...probably because they can eat the lovely little morsels after they come from the oven looking all delicious and tempting.

When Christmas comes around, making cookies for gifts or to serve to family and friends becomes one of the most intriguing and fun things for kids to do, aside from trimming the tree of course. Those who cook or bake with children try to keep the project fairly simple and would most likely not think that making a gingerbread house would be easy.

However, I found this video on line that makes constructing one's very own little house of candy and cookies something that can be done by most children, let's say, over five years old. So mom or grand-mom or dad or whoever...get out those baking pans, run to the store and buy the necessary ingredients, and let's get started

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  1. Wow, Nancy. Thanks. You so make me want to be a better grandma. Who knows, I might give this one a try (even if it happens to be after the New Year.

  2. Glad you like the post, Margaret. Yes, this would be a great project to do with grandkids. I don't get to see mine very often; we don't live in the same city.