Saturday, June 11, 2011

Film Festival in Louisville, KY

The Flyover Film Festival is the signature event of the Louisville Film Society. This four-day celebration of film in Louisville will be moving around the city, showcasing our amazing network of film-friendly venues as well as our locally grown talent, and begins June 9 . . . that's today!

For films and festival passes, click here.

Wanna go for free? Tell us your favorite movie with a Louisville connection and we’ll give away a pair of passes to this weekend’s festival. Click here to post your comment.

Another Louisville?
In the independent film Another Earth, which stars Louisville native William Mapother, another earth is discovered in outer space . . . and it’s populated with duplicates of us. Which means, of course, there’s another 20,000 Friends of Lou out there. On the night of the discovery, an ambitious young student and an accomplished composer cross paths in a tragic accident. If you wonder how cool the other Louisville might be, here’s a link to the movie trailer.

Watch Out, Hollywood and Bollywood, Here Comes . . . Louiswood?
Ok, maybe not yet. But how cool is it that there are some stars in town for a film shoot? Tan Lines is a movie about Owen "Game Set" Match. He’s one of the top tennis pros in town, employed by the prestigious Fountain Club, with gimp knees and tan lines that make women swoon. Sounds like Happy Gilmore with a tennis racquet.

Click here to see a summary of the movie on set in Louisville from producer Gill Holland.

What’s a movie without its stars? Here are some people you might recognize who are in town this month for the film:
  • Josh Hopkins of Cougar Town.
  • Cameron Monaghan of Showtime’s Shameless.
  • Alexie Gilmore of Surfer Dude.
  • Billy Magnussen and Dash Mihok of The Day After Tomorrow.
  • Kevin Sussman of The Big Bang Theory and Ugly Betty.
  • Guillermo Diaz of Weeds and Mercy.
  • Sam McMurray of Raising Arizona and The Tracey Ullman Show.
It’s a Wrap
Although being a Friend of Lou makes you a star in our books, what about hanging out with some?

Ten lucky Friends of Lou will get:
  • A signed Festival poster by William Mapother.
  • A CD from a sonaBLAST! Records artist.
  • To be an extra in the film Tan Line. Filming will be in Louisville on the afternoon / evening of June 20.
To enter, sign up 10 Friends of Lou. Tell your Facebook friends. Tweet to your peeps. Make sure you tell them to enter your name in the field “Name of person who sent you.” The 10 winners will be contacted next week with the details. Here’s the link to send these soon-to-be FOLs:

And may the best Friend of Lou win.
Possibility City

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  1. Sounds like there will be good entertainment for those staying in the Louisville area. I have always wanted to go to a film festival, but Ih ave never been to one.

  2. JatS: Well, unfortunately, it's over today. And it's always amazing. You ought to plan on coming next year. Louisville is a great city to visit with fabulous locally owned restaurants and lots of little towns for day trips. And you can stay at my bed and breakfast.LOL