Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Challenge to maintain a healthy diet in a fast food society

I would say that about 85% of my diet is very healthy; the rest of it? Well’ I have to have an occasional MacDonalds hamburger, a Chile dog at the State Fair, bacon for breakfast, and a few handfuls of M and M’s...a throw-back from my younger days when I didn’t give a darn and my body didn’t know the difference. But I don’t drink soda or eat food from cans or boxes. And I prefer to do my own cooking...that way I know exactly what I’m eating.

Now that I’m over 50...or 60...or whatever....my body is much more sensitive to what I’m shoveling in it. I’m fortunate enough to have been brought up enjoying lots of fruits and vegetables. I learned along the way to cut back on red meat and starches; although I love potatoes, rice and corn, which are not really bad for you. Pasta, if you can believe it, I can do without.

Let me tell you about me and pasta. I’ve eaten a ton of it in my life, from Spaghetti to Rigatoni, to Lasagna. Had it with tomato sauce, pesto, Alfredo sauce and cheese, as in Mac and Cheese.  Added Parmesan, vegetables, and meat among other things. I ate so much pasta for most of my life that I just got sick of it. I know...amazing declaration. Everybody eats pasta. There are zillions of ways to prepare iteirou can buy it frozen or canned and kids love it. Just about every ethnic group has there own special way of preparing pasta for their cultural dishes. But I don’t like it anymore.

No, my favorite dishes are white chili, chicken fajitas, all kinds of soups and stews, a really good steak and baked potato occasionally, wild salmon with dill, butter, and lemon, a wonderful curry with rice, and sweep potatoes and ham. There are more, of course, but this gives you an idea.
And oh....just about any kind of vegetables on the side except for okra, unless it’s in an authentic gumbo.

Why people limit themselves to pizza, hamburgers and mac and cheese is beyond me. There are so many wonderful things you can do with food.
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  1. Eating healthy and delicious meals is so much more rewarding than fast food. I do make pizza from scratch, and with bell peppers and eggplant on top, it is quite healthy. Not like the fast food stuff.

  2. Hi Julia, I make the same kind of pizza, using whole wheat Boboli with all kinds of veggies and cheeses on top. I love it. I know it can be healthy. I was referring to people who limit their diets to pizza from fast food places. Thanks for the comment...appreciated.

  3. I've been trying to incorporate healthy eating in my diet. It is hard! Especially after having gotten used to eating all those burgers, pizzas and tons of starchy food. I cut out bread and soda and no more takeout and am AMAZED that in just two weeks, I have boundless reserves of energy and am no longer struggling with sugar cravings. I haven't felt better in years.

  4. Wow, Jennifer, that's great. And that's exactly what happens to me when I eat the way I know I should, especially if I cut out or at least cut back on sugar. That's a big problem for me...I have such a sweet tooth. But if can go a few days without it, I can usually stretch the time out to weeks and I start having tons of energy.