Friday, October 7, 2011

The Inkeeper reminisces

This is the very first blog I ever had. Prior to that, I didn't even know what a blog was, much less how to construct and maintain one.  Oh yes, I had heard the word bandied around the internet. But I didn't know anyone who had one except Rosie O Donnell and, soon after that, the author of  Julie and Julia, who kept a blog about cooking from Julia Child's recipes and turned it into a book.

Three years ago, I spent Christmas with my daughter and her S.O. that was before both of them lost their jobs because of the economy...but that's another story. They are both back working again with great careers, she is a licensed professional counselor and he is in marketing, working for a non-profit organization. That Christmas, Jeff was working on a new blog.When I heard that, it piqued my interest and I started asking him questions about blogs and blogging.

In his own imitable way, Jeff proceeded to show me everything he knew about blogs...and that was a lot. After graduating from the Jeff Blogging School and returning back to Louisville, I decided to try blogging myself and thought the best place to start was with a blog about my bed and breakfast. I came up with the title InnNotes and dove right in. I was on the phone night and day with Jeff as I learned how to construct my site on Blogger.

When I finally felt comfortable with posting on a net with potentially thousands of people who could read my writing, I constructed two more sites: one about the hotel industry and the other a site for women where I would post on women's issues,  politics, the arts, and books that I found interesting. The last blog I added after I had written the first draft of my memoir (a work in progress). I hoped for a place to write about writing and to post excerpts from my memoir for feedback.  I' m quite happy with all my blogs. Thery take time and thought to maintain and they always keep me writing. And for a writer...that's imperative.

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