Sunday, January 11, 2009

CookBook Caper

(continued from sidebar: Room At The Table)
...and so the committee had to do most of the work, including raising funds for the project, testing all the recipes, styling all the photographs, and writing & editing all the copy (with a little help from our friends, the publishers). In addition, we engaged in long brainstorming and planning sessions and spent hours setting up systems and contacting & talking to potential Innkeeper participants.
We hired a photographer and a publisher.

The going wasn't always easy. As a group, we bonded, we argued, we had lunch together. We agreed, we disagreed, we had dinner together. We became adamant, we acquiesced, we traveled together. We laughed together. We cried together.
There was more togetherness than most of us were used to.

Traveling through Kentucky
......working the whole time


  1. looks like a fun and worthwhile project to showcase your KY hospitality. Where can I buy one online and any plans to do another?

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    You can buy the book at Amazon and all the other major bookstores, but if you buy it from one of the Kentucky B&Bs, the Bed and Breakfast Association of Ky, who sponsered it as a fundraiser, will benefit. I'm a member, so I encourage that channel. We will probably not do another cookbook, at least in the near future. This book has been so successful, that we plan to do another printing. The first printing is almost sold out. The publisher is also selling it & doing a lot of advertising.

  3. Hi Nancy! I'm glad to hear that your book is nearing its second printing. I just bought some Grand Marnier a couple days ago, and looking forward to trying out the French Toast with Mike very soon! Looking forward to this year's visit to the Aleksander House....
    ~ Melissa Banks

  4. Cool, Mellissa! And thanks for the comment.
    Let me know how you like the french toast. Have you had it here, I don't remember. I'm building a new website and hope to put pictures and recipes out of the book on it. Forgot how long it takes, I built my present on 13 or so yesrs ago. Guess it's time for an update

  5. BTW, I know how expensive Gran Marnier is! You can use a cheaper orange liqueur, like Cointreau. Or whatever you find.