Thursday, January 1, 2009

a very happy, healthy & prosperous new year to all

Remember the good omen I talked about yesterday? ..........the one about the first guests of 2009? Well, let me tell you what happened when they checked in. First of all, they got here around 7:30 pm (two friendly 30-somethings from Kansas). I came running down the stairs (I have a lot of them) to let them in. Noticing that it was extremely cold on the first floor, I walked back to the thermostat to check it out. Josh ( the husband of Shana, my other guest) followed me, thinking maybe he could help, if there were a problem. The thermostat had fallen to the lowest point! ( and it was 25 degrees outside).

I mulled over earlier events that had happened before their arrival, looking for a possible explanation. I suddenly remembered that I had heard an unusual hissing sound a few hours earlier, but had dismissed it as something going on outside. someone's car.....or whatever. Josh and I continued to analyze the furnace problem, standing over each of several registers on the first floor. All of a sudden I put the hissing sound and the failing furnace together and my mind flashed to the basement.

Josh had offered to check out the furnace. I opened the basement door, turned on the light and peered down the stairs to see at least 5 inches of moving water traveling across the basement floor. Upon walking a little further down, I could see the water heater from the stairway. It was gushing water! OMG! I have guests tonight, there's no hot water for showers, and the furnace is out!
Good omen be damned! be continued.


  1. Nancy,
    Having been a been a guest at your lovely B&B, I am most curious about your post from the 1st regarding the water in the basement.
    What happened exactly? How did you fix it? Were you able to get by with no water and no heat, or did you not have to do that? I feel like I read a mystery novel..and the last chapter is missing! :)

    While staying at your B&B, you served a wonderful banana you suppose some time you could post this recipe on your blog?

    Just wondering....

  2. Dear calvinsammi,
    Thanks for the comment. Sorry, about the missing last chapter. we were without water for 2 days. Plumbers wouldn't come to install a new water tank until the 7 inches of water went down. Fortunately, the furnace, went on automatically when the water receded a bit . It's a new energy saving furnace with a "failsafe" on it. When water rises up near the pilot, the failsafe shuts off the furnace. When the water goes down, the furnace starts up again. Thank goodness, because it wa 20 degrees that night!

  3. Haven't made that Banana Bread in a long time....been trying so many other things. Have to dig out the recipe and post it here. It is soooo good. Now I'm hungry for it! Next time you come to visit, I'll make it.