Saturday, February 21, 2009

The secret to making delicious scones in a hurry

Don't get me wrong, I am not changing my basic attitude about making baked goods from scratch. To me, they are always better them those from a mix. When I opened my bed and breakfast, 15 years ago, I swore I would make everything from scratch. I would make only real whipped cream, hollandaise sauce, and creme fraiche. I would fry bacon in an iron skillet. I was a purest. Besides that, I honestly thought anything made from scratch was better. I was not into short cuts!

Well, that was all well and good until the first time I had ten guests for breakfast and no help. I had planned on serving Eggs Benedict, bacon, a fresh fruit cup, sour dough toast and cherry scones with lemon curd and creme fraiche. "I can do this" has always been my mantra. And I began saying it over and over, when my assistant called in sick. It took me hours to prepare everything. They wanted breakfast at 8:00 am, and so I was up and in the kitchen by 6:00 am. It still wasn't enough time! Breakfast was quite late that morning and I was totally frazzled! It didn't reach the dining room table until 9:00!

That day, I learned a valuable lesson. Sometimes you just have to use short cuts: pre-cooked bacon, hollandaise made with Knorr's packets, cool whip instead of fresh whipped cream. And occassionally, you have to make those muffins out of a box. Or use a mix for pancakes, waffles and, yes, scones! So after making that decision, I went on a mad rampage looking for the best mixes I could find. And, as far as my wonderful "scratch" scones go I finally found the mix to take their place.! And it was by accident or, actually, through my good fortune. Enter: the Scone lady!
Next post: How to make fabulous scones from a mix
photo courtesy Victorian House Scones
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  1. Yes, I also take shortcuts when I feel overwheled. Nancy your food is always delicious and presented well, no worries, my friend.

  2. Thanks, Linda. You should try these scones. They are really fabulous. Go to their site and look around. I included their URL in my latest post.