Friday, March 6, 2009

Return to the the Victorian Tea

As promised, I will share my plans for our first Victorian Tea in April of this year. I thought I would take you along with me as we explore the two kinds of Victorian Teas: High and Low, the foods usually served at these events, and the many varieties of teas that can be used.

A Victorian Low Tea
In Victorian times, Low Tea was a Tea that was typically served in a 'parlor' or living room type of setting using side tables, and a tea cart or tea or coffee table to serve from. It is called "Low" because of the tables that were used. They were lower than dining tables. It isn't unusual now, though, to serve a Low Victorian Tea at a dining table. Most Teas offered in tea rooms and shops are low Teas because of the nature of the food served, but are served at a high table

Food served at a Low Tea
Tea Sandwiches
Savory Scones, seasoned with herbs, cheese, etc.
Other Appetizers
Plain Scones served with Clotted Cream & fruit curds
Sweet Scones
Tea Breads, Banana, Zucchini, etc
Tea Cakes
and a nice hot pot of tea.

Low Tea protocol
Although more food options are served in a Low Tea, like tea sandwiches, scones, special desserts, candies/chocolates... it is still considered like a snack. Therefore, when helping yourself or being served, do not expect a lot of food. One or two of each item is normally appropriate. Seconds may be passed or a return to the buffet table may be indicated, but the same principle applies, one or two of each item

A Victorian High Tea
A true Victorian High Tea will be a full dinner served at a dining table.

Food served at a Victorian High Tea
Some or all of the following:
a vegetable dish or two
other sweets

Victorian Tea prices per person
We have decided to offer three different teas: a Low Tea at $17.50 per person, a Low Tea at $21.95 per person, and a High Tea at $24.95 per person The difference in prices depends upon the amounts, the variety, and kinds of foods served. We will come up with a list of interesting and delicious sounding foods that we like to make, we've made before, or we have recipes for. We will categorize them into the groups mentioned above and price each group so that we may customize each Tea party.

On our next post, we will mention specific foods we plan to encorporate into our available food items list, along with some of our recipes, and discuss our research on varietals of tea and which ones we have selected for our Tea parties.
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