Monday, March 2, 2009

A wonderful little Italian restaurant only 3 blocks from my Inn

The Amici' Cafe opened July of 2006 in a historic building, within walking distance of the Aleksander House, in Old Louisville. Serving Northern Italian cuisine, it has developed into a popular neighborhood restaurant, frequented by locals and enjoyed by many out of town visitors.

After visiting the restaurant several times myself and finding the food authentic, delicious and superbly prepared, and the ambience romantic and inviting, I began sending my guests there for lunch and dinner. They all loved it! Hurrah! another very fine restaurant in Louisville,.....and we have so many!

I'm from Chicago, where there are so many very fine restaurants. When I came to Louisville 15 years ago, I experienced one of the surprises of my life. Louisville is truly loaded with some of the best restaurants around. And Amici is certainly included in this prestigious group!

"You will think you are in a Tuscan courtyard when you step into our dining room with cherry red and white checkered tablecloths, large windows, beautiful artwork, and the aroma of ragu pomodoro sauce simmering in the kitchen; all inviting you to sit down and enjoy a flavorful and relaxing meal" (the owners).

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  1. I love Italian Food and I get to Louisville often. Glad to hear this restaurant is close to your Inn, as I planned on staying there my next trip into the city. I really enjoy your restaurant reviews. I especially like the one you did on Lynn's Paradise Cafe.